Customer Service Training

Customer Service Training

Companies today are looking at ensuring they provide an amazing experience for their customers.

Our program strives to ensure that you have the best customer service training possible to obtain the job that you are looking for, or just to increase your skills at your current position.

Training For Customer Service

Basics of Customer Service: Ensure professionalism and customer satisfaction. Attitude paramount; make the right first impression.

Effective Communication: Say what you mean with facts and integrity. Learn nonverbal communication, differentiate speaking style for different audiences and learn how to diffuse conflict.

Relationship Building: Establish a rapport; identify customer needs and imbue value. Learn how to ensure return customers and maintain ongoing relationships.

Customer Service Methods: Face to Face, Telephone and Electronic interactions.

Difficult Customers: Learn to rebuild and restore relationships with customers. Understand the cause of the problem and what needs be done to satisfy the customer.

Course Length And Location

Our customer service program is 30 hours in length and can be taken one on one at our office or online.  We have also worked with groups of clients from organizations where companies want training for a group of staff, as we can accommodate that online as well as at our location in Edmonton.

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