High School English Tutor

Year-Round Assistance Online Or At Our Office

Our private English tutors work year-round both online and at our location.  Our west end location is easily accessible from the Anthony Henday.

Many high school students struggle with English concepts.  We work with students and tailor programs to fit their needs.  There is a great deal of building in spelling, grammar, and comprehension that is learned in the previous grades that are necessary to cover high school material.  Many times, we are back tracking and reviewing concepts from previous grades.

Entrance into university is extremely challenging and there is pressure on students to achieve high levels of success we strive to reduce this pressure and help students achieve their goals.

The Grades We Work With

High school English tutors work from grades 10 to 12.

We start with an initial consultation to ensure that we know which of our English tutors would be best for your child and allow us to gain an understanding of just what your child's needs are.  This way before the session even begins, we can focus on helping them armed with an understanding of what they are having issues with.

The Courses We Cover

At the high school level, there are the following areas that are covered at varying degrees and levels amongst the courses.

  • Reading, Writing and Comprehension
  • Reading Narratives
  • Reading Poetry, Narrative writing, and literature, including Shakespeare
  • Writing Essays, Personal and Critical responses

We do offer assistance in the following High School English courses:

  • English 10-1, 10-2
  • English 20-1, 20-2
  • English 30-1, 30-2
High School English Tutors
High School English Tutor

How Can Tutors Help?

Having a high school English tutor work one on one with your child helps to support them in their learning.  As well, we help them with building their self-confidence and study skills.

English is a foundation to so many other courses and by ensuring your child has the skills in English it helps them succeed in Math, Social, and Sciences as well.

Questions About Our Services?

We have been in the business of tutoring since 1992, 29 years and counting.

Give us a call or email us today for more information about how we can help you or your child.