In School / Out of School Field Trips

We offer multiple STEM oriented Field Trips some which are at our office and some that come to your school or location.

Our STEM Learning classes focus on providing a fun and exciting context to learning the science and engineering concepts relevant to the curriculum.  We give the students a hands-on experience with real world applications of what they are learning in class. 

  • Fun and engaging activities 
  • Reinforce curriculum topics
  • Work together as part of a team 
  • Build new social connections 
  • Encourage interest in science and technology 
  • Exercise creative thinking and problem-solving skills

In School Field Trips

Our In School Field Trips include our Lego Robotics and Building With Minecraft classes.  We bring all of our equipment to you, all you need to provide is a space for us to setup for the students!

Lego Robotics

  • Build Lego robots with a purpose
  • Adjust your design to accomplish different tasks
  • Code your robot to complete the task
  • Adjust your code to accommodate new challenges
  • Explore curriculum topics relating to temperature, energy, electricity and magnetism, wheels and levers, and machines that move

Building With Minecraft

  • Write code to control events inside Minecraft
  • Work with logic gates
  • Build simple machines
  • Expand on simple machines to automate processes
  • Lessons are performed in a game world many students are already familiar with and love.

Out of School Field Trips

In addition to everything our In School Field Trips our MakerSpace is available for visitors!


  • Hands on experience with 3D printing
  • Stop Motion animation
  • Creativity Workshop, design and build
  • Explore Maker Electronics using Makey Makey
  • Explore Virtual Reality
  • Explore advanced Maker Electronics using Raspberry PI
  • Use programming and visualization software to plan a model
  • Learn and see practical applications of weight, structure, temperature, and other physical science topics

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