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Whether Your Child Is Struggling In School Or Looking To Increase Their Grades, We’ve Got A Tutor For That

Nowadays, students are running between activities, school, work, etc.  Trying to find time to do homework and study for exams can be incredibly difficult.

We have junior high school tutors that not only can work at our office, we can also tutor your child online.

Start Here

To begin with, we start with an initial registration appointment.  This appointment is free of charge.  We want to sit down with you and your child, and evaluate where they are at in their courses.  A great deal of this is also looking at where they have been.  Past history of issues in certain subjects is extremely important in suggesting an appropriate amount of time they need to have with us to reach their goals.

Tutoring Sessions Explained

We try set up same time(s) every week so your child can have the same teacher each week.  Our teachers have areas of specialization, we don’t have our English teachers working with Math students!

We do not have contracts, you can stop sessions at any point, all we ask is that you let us know before 7 pm the day prior to the appointment as after that time, we do charge for the session.

The majority of our tutoring is one on one.  There are times that we have students that request group instruction which we can also definitely accommodate with our larger classrooms.

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Students With Learning Disabilities

We have worked with students with a range of learning needs.  Dyslexia, ADD, processing issues, decoding issues, and more.  Working one on one really allows us to focus on what your child needs and gives us the ability to teach them in a way that is best suited to their learning needs and style.

Questions About Our Services?

We have been in the business of tutoring since 1992, 29 years and counting.

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