Online Tutoring

About Online Learning

Online learning is a great resource for students who are pressed for time. 

We offer online learning as well for students who are not near our centre, so they can benefit from the expertise of our staff.

Main Components Of Online Tutoring

  • See your tutor with face-to-face video conferencing
  • Set your own schedule – with times that work best for you from the comfort of your home
  • Receive tutoring even when you're on holidays are away from home
  • Speak to each other with high-quality voice
  • Write, type, and draw on the digital whiteboard
  • Chat via instant messaging
  • Upload and share files like essays, diagrams and tests
  • Re-play tutoring session recordings
  • Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection*
Online Tutoring


2.0 Mbps Bandwidth for single screen are recommended, you can test your speed using any free internet speed test, like Speedtest by Ookla (

Our Teachers

Our online teachers are the same instructors working with students face to face in our offices.  We handpick our teachers to ensure that your tutor provides the best possible services and all our sessions can be recorded to be reviewed after the session if necessary.

Online Tutoring Book Here


If you are new to our program, you do need to contact us so we can get more information and set up times.  The majority of our students like to set up recurring appointments so they can have the same teacher each time who really understands their needs, some students prefer to book as needed. 

Once your initial registration is done, you can book conveniently online through our scheduling system.

Questions About Our Services?

We have been in the business of tutoring since 1992, 27 years and counting.

Give us a call or email us today for more information about how we can help your child.