All of our summer classes are set up for students to attend from 7-11 years old. They are flexible so that different skills can be learned depending on their age and ability. Please let us know if you have a child younger or older, as depending on their abilities they may still find these classes rewarding!




Our maker classes allow you to build outside of the box ideas. In these classes, we use all sorts of different building and constructing materials.  This is a great class as there is options for collaboration as well as independent work.  Students can be more artistic and creative both hands on as well as technologically. In this class we also use 3D Printing, green screens, and circuits.


Robotics Using LEGO®

This class introduces your child to the basics of mechanics – they will learn about gears, belts, motors, and computers. They will not only build robots but also learn how to bring them to life through simple application and programming. Projects will be designed and completed.  We also work on a battle bot portion of the class where students design their own bots in groups and see whose “bot” can accomplish all the tasks at hand.


Building and coding with Minecraft®

Learning becomes more fun with Minecraft®! In the Exploring Minecraft® class students will learn about the game design process by creating custom maps, buildings, custom resource packs, etc. The Mastering Minecraft® class students will learn about Minecraft® server setup (on PC), building and designing a private server, game design and custom resource pack creation.


As Minecraft® allows players to create unique worlds, their creative side will flourish using software design tools such as MCEdit. From playtesting adventure maps and completing resource packs to building a world and complex circuits using JavaScript, your child will be an Artist, Designer, Architect, Engineer, and Programmer.

Makeblock Building and Coding ???? do we want to do this still?


In this class, we use The Ultimate 2.0, an advanced programmable robot kit comprising more than 550 mechanical parts and electronic modules. Compatible with the maker platform and Arduino.XXX


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