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Our Approach

At A&D Tutoring, we know that every learner is different. To ensure each and every one of our students' success, we create learning plans tailored to individual needs. By offering customized learning plans with Edmonton tutors, we remove learning blocks and create an environment that encourages the success of our students. Our approach leads to increased self-confidence, motivation, responsibility, self-respect, and determination.

Our Story

We have been providing instructional services to learners of all ages for over 20 years. Our staff are experienced and qualified educators, who believe that all learners can succeed regardless of the challenges they may face. No matter your grade, level, or age, we can help.

Our Team


Angie De Benedetto

CEO, B.Com.
Angie has 25 years of educational experience.  She specializes in working with Accounting, Finance, and University Statistics.  Her experience has ranged from Kindergarten to adult students, as well as helping students with special needs.  At present, she focuses on student progress as well as monitoring our group programs.  These include STEM learning birthdays and camps, as well as GED and ESL groups.

Kevin Roome

Office Manager, Instructor, BSc, BEd.
Specializes in math and physics. Kevin teaches all the sciences at the high school level. He also works in University level Math, Physics and Statistics. Kevin loves the sciences and thrives on sharing this passion with his students. He presents the information in a fun and easy manner, because math and science are fun.
Karsten Jensen

Karsten Jensen

Office Manager
Karsten is new to the administrative role but he has 20 years of experience working in various industries. Karsten is a joyful person who takes the time to help out anyone who comes through the door or online. His calming demeaner helps even the most anxious person feel at home with us.
A&D Tutoring

Karen Dyck

With 25 years of experience in an administrative role, Karen is the first friendly face you will converse with. She is always eager to help and answer any questions one may have about A&D Tutoring and the wonderful services that are provided.

Dan Marvin Santos

Instructor, BEd, BSc
Dan graduated with a Bachelor of Science in biological sciences and a Bachelor of Education in secondary education in physics from the University of Alberta. He specializes teaching high school math and science courses. His teaching philosophy of science education is to help students develop critical thinking skills through inquiry. He believes students learn and retain knowledge best through problem solving and experience rather than by memorizing facts.

Stephen Holmes

Instructor, BA, MA.
Graduated from the University of New Brunswick with a BA and an MA. He spent four years teaching English overseas in the Republic of Korea before returning to Canada to work as a teaching assistant for Edmonton Catholic Schools. He loves helping students learn English as a Second Language and help with adult academic upgrading.

Rosemarie Pink

Instructor, MSc, PhD.
Rosemarie has an educational background that includes a BSc and MSc in Nutrition, and a PhD in Microbiology and Immunology. She loves teaching everything from literacy skills to university level STEM. Rosemarie is passionate to help people that are struggling with learning disabilities and neurological differences. She has a background in scientific research, and enjoys helping students write successful essays, from elementary to university-level subjects. She firmly believes that learning difficulties and academic success are not mutually exclusive.

Steven Schlotter

Instructor, BA, MA, CSC.
For the past twenty-five years, Steven has tutored students aged six to sixty. Steven believes that life experience helps to better understand and communicate with people from diverse backgrounds, vocations, and cultural milieus. As the son of immigrant parents, he has witnessed firsthand the linguistic and logistical challenges that newcomers face when attempting to succeed on a different continent. With a strong background in both expository and creative writing, he believes furthering students’ scholastic careers.

Peter Hamann

Instructor, BEd, BFA, Fine Arts Diploma, TESOL.
Peter’s expertise lays in the humanities. He is an abstract thinker who easily makes connections between disciplines. With ease, he is quick to recognize a student’s needs, and encourages student-directed learning, as well as the efficient use of the most cutting-edge educational tools.

David Cox

Instructor, BA (Honours), BA, Multimedia Diploma, BEd.
At various times, David has been a graphic designer and multimedia creator, a political organizer, a communications specialist, and a teacher. His greatest strengths are in teaching English, English as a Second Language (ESL), computer applications and skills, Social Studies, Political Science, and Communications.

Nasab Radwan

Instructor, BA, BEd.
Nasab has enjoyed teaching for many years. She believes in the strength of education and its critical role in mentoring an aware, expressive, and creative individual. Knowledge is invaluable, and all her teaching methods remind students of this importance as well as various approaches to understanding the content and to critical think without stifling individual creativity.

Khanh Ha

Instructor, BSc (Honours) Sophomore.
Khanh’s biggest passions include math, science, and making connections with others. As she gets to combine these passions, she really enjoys helping students make connections with these subjects. With her quick thinking, ability to engage and convey ideas, Khanh makes sure to show her students that studying can be and should be fun and productive!

Robb W. Hanson

Instructor, BSc, BA, MA.
Robb has a background in science and business, a Life Skills Certificate, and a Master of Adult and Higher Education. He has worked for 50 years, including 28 years in post-secondary education (NAIT, Metro Continuing Education, Lakeland and Norquest College). Robb is wonderful with Trades Preparation, Communications, and Academic Upgrading.

Brett Kelly

Instructor, MSc
Brett's expertise is in mathematics and physics. He is a strong communicator and naturally curious about the natural world. He encourages students to explore the beauty of math and make the connections needed for success using analogies and a skill focused, understanding based teaching style.

Shannon Alexander

Instructor, BSc, BEd (Honours).
Shannon has a background in Forestry and Education. She has 15 years of combined work experience in these fields. She is dedicated to lifelong learning and wants to share her enthusiasm for learning with others. Shannon is a practical, hands-on teacher who loves working with students to accomplish their learning goals.
A&D Tutoring

Dean McLaughlin

Dean has academic expertise in physics, mathematics, and astronomy, and decades of experience in computer programming and scientific writing. With a BSc from the University of Alberta and a PhD from McMaster University, he worked for 25 years as a research astrophysicist in Canada, the USA, and the United Kingdom. In the UK, he also developed and taught courses in university-level physics, mathematics, and astronomy. His career has always been about uncovering, communicating, and teaching others to understand the fundamental patterns and principles that connect diverse facts and ideas in mathematics and the physical sciences, along with the analytical tools used to express and manipulate those connections.
A&D Tutoring

Santiago Arevalo

Instructor, B.Ed.
For the past ten years, Santiago has tutored students in the areas of math, ESL, and GED. His teaching style focuses on encouraging his students to work hard, stay positive, and believe in themselves. He thinks that making mistakes is an essential part of the learning process, so he teaches his students to see mistakes as opportunities that will help them become confident learners. In his spare time, Santiago enjoys going for long runs in the River Valley.
A&D Tutoring

Kelsey Biggs

Amy Aston

Amy Arton

Instructor, BA, BSc.
Amy has a BA in Psychology and a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Calgary. She focuses on the application of a more holistic approach to learning, ensuring personal interests and areas of excellence are applied to areas where there may be a struggle to ensure those subjects remain interesting. She firmly believes anything can be made more fun by looking at it the right way, and anyone can be motivated to do something they find fun. Absolutely nothing is useless to learn.
Joyanne Fredricks

Joyanne Fredricks

Joyanne Fredricks has more than 20 years experience teaching EAL both in Canada and Korea. She enjoys collaborating with students to make their learning experience satisfying and productive.
Silvia Bégin

Silvia Bégin

Instructor, M. Ed.
Silvia has a M.Ed. Degree in TEFL, Permanent AB Teaching Certification, IELTS Speaking Examiner Certification, as well as credentials in intercultural communication. In her career, she has had the pleasure to work as a language instructor, curriculum developer, teacher trainer, education director, international project manager and consultant both in Canada and abroad. Silvia has a true passion for life-long learning and an insatiable desire to learn about other cultures.
John Moffatt

John Moffatt

John has been running and developing educational programs for almost a decade, and enjoys sharing his problem-solving attitude with students of all ages. He specializes in math and science, does some light rocket science at home for fun, and has been awarded the title of The Best School Bus Driver Ever by a jury of pre-teens. He considers this his proudest accomplishment.

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