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Initially, an assessment of a student’s current level of English is completed to help determine their current skill level.  We will review their current skills with English vocabulary, listening comprehension, reading and writing, and verbal fluency.

Based on their target goals, we develop an individualized plan to achieve a successful outcome.  Learning English is something that can be very challenging and we strive to make it easier!

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Upcoming English as a Second Language (ESL) Classes

Currently we are not running group ESL classes due to COVID.  We ARE running one-on-one classes, call our office for details at 780-444-9349.

Online English as a Second Language (ESL) Training

We provide ESL training online, in a one on one session.  Upon request, we can work with students in groups online as well.

In Person ESL Training

We provide ESL training in a one on one session in person at our Edmonton office.  We also run group ESL classes throughout the year in our Edmonton office.

ESL Learning Areas

There are 3 main areas that we work with when clients are wishing to learn English:

Verbal skills:  both listening and speaking. It is literally the ability to communicate and understand communication in English.

Writing Skills: Learn the fundamental structures of an English sentence. Become proficient in writing letters, documents and resumes.

Reading Skills: Face to Face, Telephone and Electronic interactions.

ESL Tutor

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