Exam Centre

Exam Centre

A&D Tutoring provides the facilities necessary to proctor a wide variety of written examinations. From high school examinations, post-secondary examinations, to government examinations. No matter the examination, A&D Tutoring provides a warm, comfortable, and quiet environment to allow the student the atmosphere desired to be successful at their examinations.

We provide quiet and professional spaces for exam invigilation. Your institution may require an invigilator to be present in the room during the entirety of the exam or may be satisfied with supervision from outside the room. Either way, we have got you covered.

Whether your online exam uses a lockdown browser, or requires direct supervision, we are able to meet your exam writing needs.

Exams are something that, for most students, require a quiet space.  We have that available, as well as earplugs, private writing rooms, and space for larger exam writings.

Corporate Exam Solutions

At current, if you are an agency requiring exam proctoring services or testing services, we are able to accommodate up to 20 students writing at one sitting.

Our Exam proctors are qualified professionals capable of holding any examination process that our students require. Our facility holds the equipment necessary to hold a wide range of examinations based upon the examination provisions and requirements. Please contact us if we can facilitate your exam time and requirements.

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