The world in which we live is a rapidly evolving and ever-changing environment. Each new day introduces us to new technologies, new innovations, and new ways of looking at the same wheel. Technology is a constant in our everyday lives, and it continues to expand and evolve at a startling pace. There is always a certain level of engagement with current technology, however, it is creativity, problem-solving, and flexibility that allow us to look at the same problem and find new solutions.

Programming a Robot

Science in all its forms helps all people formulate new ideas on any and all questions. Science helps us to ask questions; how to formulate them, and to hypothesize about them. Science allows us to look at a situation and critically think and strategize about it. It allows us to think about how to do things, and perhaps be even better than we thought we could be!

Technology is the ever-changing part that we play with daily. Technology is exhibited in the tools that we all use daily to navigate today’s busy schedule. Sometimes we take technology for granted because is in our phones, tablets, and computers that regularly serve us. We use technology daily, without thinking about how it works, or how important it is to our daily lives.

Kids with Lego EV3 Robot

Engineering is the creative spirit found within all of us. It allows us to apply the ideas and tools necessary to create and innovate new things and ideas. Engineering lets us be kids and problem-solve solutions to the questions at hand, perpetually constructing and deconstructing them. We all have a creative side, and engineering allows us to put those ideas and thoughts into reality.

Math is the glue that binds it all together! Without math, there can be no ideas, tools, and creativity. Math is the constant and is the part that binds everything else together. Math allows us to confirm our ideas, test our tools, and put our creativity to the test, without having to first put the effort only to see the project fail. Math allows us to calculate our ideas, program our tools, and build the technology for the future. Everything starts with math.

STEM learning puts young minds into these roles, so that they become the creative builders of tomorrow. In a world where technology and norms change daily, those that can engage, invent, and innovate ideas are and will be in demand. STEM education allows for kids to be kids while engaging in cutting edge technology, creativity, and critical thinking.  STEM education ensures that there will always be a fresh way of looking at the same problem.

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